Two Tower Aquaponics Kit




Two star tower system with 30 plants per tower and an insulated 40 gallon fish tank.*

*See Photo Gallery

  • System includes an ACV air pump and filter assembly with clear acrylicaccess panel.

  • Kit contains PH Monitoring: Fast, easy and accurate test solutions for pH,high range pH, ammonia, nitrate & nitrite. Scientifically accurate for professional results Includes free color wall chart, riveted color cards and glass test tubes. Kit includes over 800 tests.

  • Kit includes: 30 – 2” net pots, 100 starter GroDan grow cubes and Grow Stone silica rock for net pots.

Read manufacturers supplied assembly manual and links for basic operation.

Maintenance: Use only non-solvent based cleaners and soft fabrics

and scrubbers.

Warranty: 12 months from date of shipping on composites components and 3rd party warranties extended as per manufacturer of 3rd party equipment.

Disclaimer: No warranties on production results and life cycle of plants or health and longevity of fish.